Are you Apple-phobic?

01 Sep

No AppleAre you apple-phobic?  I must admit I am.  I have never liked Apple.  Our house is considered an Apple free zone.  One exception to this was when my youngest daughter saved for and purchased an iPod nano.  I warned her that she wouldn’t be happy with it in the long run, especially for the price.  Wow was that thing expensive.  I warned her about iTunes, and the limitations I had heard others complaining about with their Apple music players.  Later she understood what I was talking about, then she lost it.  The quality of the device was very nice.  Apple makes nice things, and in a way I’m glad they are in business if for no other reason to drive the rest of the technology slugs to move things along.

Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s I was interested in having my very own personal computer.  There were two REAL choices.  Apple and Radio Shack.  Ultimately I went with the Radio Shack TRS-80 Mod 1.  I spoke to a friend that was heavy into electronics and asked why he had bought an Apple.  He was told by Radio Shack that if he tried attaching anything “homemade” to his TRS-80 it would void the warrante.  When he asked Apple they were all for it.  That was the mindset of Apple back in the days that they were new.

In my opinion that mindset has long gone by the way side.  No company can stay in business if it doesn’t make money.  I understand why they would want to make money, but having a product MAC OS that would work perfectly fine on PC hardware Apple has a fit and the mere idea that their software can’t be tied to their hardware that is why, twice the price of a PC?

I get tickled that on almost EVERY movie I see a laptop in, it’s a MAC.  You see that big Apple logo, lit from behind.  I get tickled, because that doesn’t reflect reality.  Yeah I know, it’s a movie, but it’s product placement that is intended to make you think to yourself.  “Hey J-Lo has an Apple, so should I!”  Why on God’s green Earth would I want to spend two times more money for a computer that is less that 10% of the market?  I mean if all you are going to do is browse the Internet, send/receive e-mail, facebook and twitter, then get a $300 ATOM based PC from Wal-Mart!

If it makes you feel better stick an Apple logo on the back.  I bet you could get a nice bright white LED for $2 and light it from the back!  Now send me 1/2 of the $1,500 I just saved you!

Yes my house is a Apple free zone, and it will remain that way.  When people tell me they are getting, or got an iPhone I ask them why.  I tell them I don’t buy Apple products because that only encourages them.  My Motorola Android.  I can swap out the battery.  The extra battery cost me $10.  I can put a 32 GB micro SD memory card in it.  iPhone?  yeah you can’t do that.  One of my buddies tells me with an iPhone you are always looking for a place to plug it in so you can keep the internal, non-removable, battery charged!

lol, no, not me.

So what are your thoughts?  Where am I going wrong here?  I do like learning new things, so please tell me what you think.

UPDATE: My iphone friends have switched or have said they are switching to Android phones.

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  1. rich

    September 1, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    apple = style over substance, BMW get away with it and so did Bang & Olufsen in the 70’s.   If people want to squander money let them, but when they try and make you feel inferior to them for not having their apple toys then I start to get riled.   Apple will move on to some new fad before long, something originally designed by a different company at Palo Alto and then pretend they were there first.   Ha ha ha … mac douches of the world unite.