FourSquare and Gun Control

16 Jan

Well after a couple of years, I’m off of FourSquare.  I like trying Internet things, and even though I didn’t like the idea of being a willing participate in tracing myself, I joined.  I was always forgetting to check in.  Eventually, with enough self abuse, I started to remember to check into places.  Work I was able to become Mayor pretty quickly.  In a building with 1000 employees there were 3 people checking into FourSquare.  Then to my surprise I was ousted!  I was checking in daily.  Slowly I went from 1 day away from becoming Mayor to 2 then 3.  I was really confused since I was checking in EACH AND EVERY DAY.  A little Google research and I figured it out, CHEATER!

I started looking for ways to report the cheater.  Many people had the same problem as I.  I know what’s the big deal, but it was the principle!  Apparently FourSquare could care less about cheaters, so they don’t do anything about them.  I thought about it and then it dawned on me.  Fine!  I’ll just check in on weekends, holidays, etc…  Soon I was Mayor again.

If you are a kid of the 60’s you may get this reference.

Are you a Mayor more often but enjoying it less?

It was clear that with my many FourSquare friends (none of which were within 700 miles of me) that all I was doing was remembering to check into places.  I found NO benefit from using the service.  So about a week ago I deleted my account and deleted the app off my phone.

FourSquare had about as much interest for me as following professional sports.

What in the world does FourSquare have to do with GUN control?  Nothing, well nothing I can think of.

It is truly a sad situation with a crazy person takes a gun and attempts to or does kill people.  This is especially horrible when it is a child.  Every child should be able to grow and experience their lives.  Sadly this is often not true.  I believe it was in Darfur that 750,000 men women and children were slaughter.  Not with a gun but with a cheap, inexpensive, machete.   Okay, I’m sure they used more than one.  Evil exists in this world.  It takes on many forms.  The gun control nuts believe that removing the number of bullets one can carry in a clip is going to save lives.  They believe that removing guns from society will save lives.  This is illogical, it’s stupid, and it’s dangerous.

It is true that Jesus said to turn the other cheek.  So with that mind set if you were shot in one side of your face, you should turn and wait for the second shot.  Something very hard to do, I mean if you survive the first shot.  Perhaps I will come to fully understand the wisdom of what Jesus was trying to tell us when he said that someday.  Until that time I want to make sure that I protect myself but more importantly my family.

Removing the ability for me to do that doesn’t protect me and it sure doesn’t protect you.  I think we can all agree there are much better ways to kill a large number of people.  A rental truck, fertilizer, and fuel oil.  Or perhaps a large, aviation fuel laden airliner, oh and filled with a 100+ passengers.  There are many many ways to kill people.  I believe even the people that protect the president have said that there is no way to stop someone if they are willing to die to accomplish their goal.

There is nothing you can do to protect yourself completely from an attack.  The only thing you can do is stop being scared, vilifying a device, educate yourself.  Oh and teach yourself how to protect yourself.  It may not be with a gun, but the guy next to you, your neighbor, a complete stranger may just happen to save your life with their gun.

Guns are not bad, they have a use.  Machetes are not bad they have a use.  Hell fuel oil, fertilizer, etc… all have uses that are important, save lives, or make our lives easier.  Don’t believe the liberal propaganda that guns are bad.  There is a reason why violent crime is at a 39 year low.  Do we really want to go down this same gun control road again and watch gun violence increase?  Where are the highest gun related homicides?  In the places where guns are illegal.  I can’t believe how simple this is to understand yet I find myself actually having to explain it over and over again.

Maybe it’s time when changed the Second amendment.  “You have the right to carry a gun with you any place at any time!”

Does anyone else find it funny that we are attacked on U.S. soil by Muslims, and we elect a man with a Muslim name?  We are attacked on U.S. soil and instead of seeking ways to better protect ourselves in our daily lives, less gun control, there is a call for more.  Really?  How do you think 911 would have gone if passengers were able to legally carry guns on the plane?  Don’t even go down the explosive decompression road.  That’s a Hollywood thing.  The cabin would just depressurize and the plane would have to drop to an altitude around 10,000 feet.  Yeah someone would be in big trouble, but I bet there would be a few dead terrorists, oh and not the 100’s of people on the plane, the thousands of people in the buildings.

We need to start trusting that the majority of the adults in this country and smart enough and brave enough to do the right thing.

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