I used to be a Windows person but now I’m an APPLE!

25 Oct

I have heard on three occasions now “I used to be a Windows person, but now I’m a Mac!”  “Apples are just so much easier to use.”  “I’m not a technical person and the Apple is just so much simpler.”


It took me about two days, maybe three, to get comfortable using the MAC.  Not because it’s simple, but because it is like Windows, or maybe Windows copied them, I don’t care.

I started using Windows with version 3.1, well technically version 2 but I’d say the first true incarnation that is very similar to todays version was 3.1.  It wasn’t until 2016 that I started using and Apple MAC.

I’m telling you there is no difference between IOS and Windows.  If you can use one you can use the other.  So if you want to spend a God awful amount of money for a MAC IOS system over a Windows running on companies that COMPETE to bring you the lowest possible price on hardware, go ahead.  I’m just telling you that you don’t have to.

If you need to sit in that college audience and have an Apple logo on your laptop buy a sticker and put it on there and save several HUNDRED dollars, or save it for your parents.

I see nothing better with the Apple hardware or software.  Oh the virus argument?  The Apple MAC is no less susceptible to attack than a Windows computer.  You’ll see.

I use Windows, Linux and Android for my phone.  I firmly believe Linux is the future but I don’t need to have Apple put their GUI on it and present it to me as MAC IOS.

Find you a good hardware manufacture and run Windows until Linux is ready for prime time.

Samsung has great smartphone and they still have a analog audio jack!

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