If I need to take a drug test to get a job, then you need a drug test to get welfare!

20 Aug

Drug Testing

Drug Testing

“If I need to take a drug test to get a job, then you need a drug test to get welfare!”

A little while back, perhaps a year or longer, there was a discussion about requiring people on welfare to take drug tests.  On the face of it this sounds like better than a good idea, it sounds like a GREAT idea.

The discussion has reemerged recently due to a “fan” site on Facebook actually called “If I need to take a drug test to get a job, then you need a drug test to get welfare!”  I thought it might be worth revisiting a point or two I made in the last “original” discussion.

Now there is no way as a tax payer I want to fund someone drug, drinking, or any criminal lifestyle.  So requiring drug tests for welfare seems like a great idea.  Then I thought about it.  What would the person do that had a drug habit and didn’t work, obviously because they couldn’t or didn’t want to?  Simple they would just stop taking drugs, get up, get out, and go get that job at McDonalds and start paying their share of taxes, buying stuff and stimulating the economy!  NOT!

If that was going to happen they would have already done it.  I don’t think anyone really wants to be hooked on drugs, unless they just don’t want to live, or just don’t care.  So that last part is the critical bit.  Don’t want to live, or just don’t care.  So if the government won’t give you money get it from somewhere else.  Steal it.  You can take it directly from people, or break into their house, their car, etc…  Now you are still paying a tax but instead of going through the system, you are paying it directly to the criminal.

Well they may, and do get caught!  Ok that sucks because the drugs aren’t as easy to get in prison, but hey free room, meals, and an exercise gym!  It’s really simple people.  What would you do if you were hungry.  You couldn’t get a job, you had no money.  Your only option was to steal and eat.  Eventually you’d steal and fill your belly.  This is what drug addicts on welfare will do.

You want to get people off of drugs?  Fix it so the drugs can’t get across our borders!  How?  Put the military on the borders, seal it!

Pretty soon drugs will get so expensive no matter how much they steal they won’t be able to afford it.  Many people will start making the drugs inside our borders, and they will be found and put in jail.  It’s a multi-year plan but at least it would get better.  Crime would go down, more people working, more tax revenue and less people on drugs.

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  1. Blablabla

    August 31, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    Fell on this randomly….rnrnYou are wrong. Completely wrong. Prohibition does not work. It has been proven. By making something illegal you are creating the black market. The black market is violent, unregulated, and untaxable.rnrnYou ask the question “you want to get people off drugs” Your flawed answer, stop it from being smuggled into the country. Guess what…prohibition didn’t stop domestic moonshiners, the same applies in this situation. rnrnThe correct answer. Only that person will make the decision. Not you, not the government, not anyone but themselves.rn

  2. Tony Muckleroy

    August 31, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    Thanks for the comments. Recreational drugs are just stupid. It’s like a discussion I had several times with a local radio talk show host. He thought tobacco was fine to use, if that was your choice. I told him that since he was a smoker, and therefore addicted to the nicotine he was incapable of being able to speak rationally on the subject. He just had to much personal emotional and physical involvement. I think the same thing is going on here.