Liberals Waterboarding of America

19 Jan

For the past 8 years, and likely 9 to 10 years, liberals have been waterboarding America.  Waterboarding by way of calling names, shaming and even physically attacking people that didn’t think and speak like them.

As you may have heard torture is an unsuccessful way to obtain useful information.  I’ll extent that to it’s an unsuccessful way to win people over to your way of thinking.

So many people do not like confrontation.  They’d much rather not speak or if they must speak say as little as possible so they won’t be attacked.

Also some people will be upset enough to remember how they felt, and go against you at their first opportunity.

Voting for NON-liberals is one way to pay liberals back for their bullying.  Yes bullying!

I would recommend to the people of “inclusion” that you let people speak their minds and have a logically, respectful conversation as to why what you believe in is the right direction to go.

Donald Trump’s win is the fault of poorly behaving, disrespectful, hating liberals everywhere.  It’s even Hillary’s fault, with labeling people “deplorables”.

It’s never too late to grow up.  Apologize and try keeping that pie hold closed.  Try listening.  It doesn’t matter how RIGHT you are as everyone’s vote counts the same.  When people are in the voting booth they can be who they are and not who you have bullied them to be.

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