Manners on “The Five”

14 Mar

No this isn’t another Bob Beckel hit piece, and it’s not about the members of “The Five” talking over one another, it’s about a story they discussed on Friday (March 13, 2015).  “Hostile sexism”, professor Judith Hall, of Northeastern University in Boston said, “Benevolent sexism is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing that perpetuates support for gender inequality among women.”

Really?  Well I’m glad people think about things, and are smart enough to be able to express those thoughts to us, because you never know when it might just be revolutionary and good, however in this case I cannot disagree more.

Recently I was at Sam’s Club.  After making my selections, filling my shopping basket, I found my way to one of the least crowded lanes, in fact I think I caught it just as the last person was leaving it.  The young lady that was working as a cashier came around to my basket and started removing items and placing them on the conveyer belt.  After only one item I told her, “That’s okay, I’ve got it.”  She responded it wasn’t a problem she was happy to help.  A little more forcefully I said “No please stop, I’ll get it.”

Reluctantly she stopped, had a confused look on her face as she was walking back to the spot in front of the cash register.  I continued to unload the basket.  After a brief pause she asked, “Why didn’t you want me to help?”  I stopped unloading the basket, looked her in the eyes and said.  There’s a reason I am bigger and stronger than you.  I appreciate your offer of help but I should be the one unloading the basket.

She was visibly surprised, and said “That’s so sweet.”  This really made an impression on me.  I couldn’t think about how sad it was that this young lady had not be treated this way in the past.  What must our young men be doing when they interact with women these days?

I am smart enough to understand that you can “do” things for people that they don’t want you to do.  I leave it up to the individual woman.  If I offend someone by opening the door, they can tell me and I’ll push them down, close the door behind me. 😉

I will continue to open the door for my wife, my daughters and the occasional strangers when the need arise.

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