Mike Schmidt – The 40 Year Old Boy – Podcast

14 Jul
Mike Schmidt Comedy

Mike Schmidt Comedy

I recently started doing a podcast.  If you are not familiar with what a podcast is, well it’s basically a radio show that you record to a computer audio format then put on the Internet so people can download it to their iPod or any MP3 player.  Being a technical type person I have been aware of podcasts for years, but I never really was interested in going through the steps necessary to copy “shows” to my MP3 player.  It just seemed like too much work.  About a year ago I finally broke down and purchased a smart phone.  With my entry into the podcast creation market AND having a device that has Internet access I finally was in the position “lazy” to easily download and listen to podcasts.

Finding a good podcast isn’t as easy as it is to find a good TV show, book, radio, etc…  It requires a little more effort.  Recently I was listening to a Adam Carolla podcast and their guest was Mike Schmidt.  As it is all to common on Adam’s show during Mike’s interview Adam did 90% of the talking.  I really didn’t have a good feel for Mike Schmidt or his ability to tell an interesting story or even be funny, however since I was looking for something to listen to while I drive my hour to work or my hour home I figured for free I’ll give Mike’s podcast “The 40 Year Old Boy” a listen.  Which, by the way, that name used to drive me nuts because I would always think “The 40 Year Old Virgin”.





Mike talks fast and thinks faster.  Lilly, his show producer is a big fan.  How do I know, well not because she says so it’s through her near constant laughing.  These are heart felt, deep from the bowls of your soul laughter, and yes the occasional snort.  I love snorts!  At least when I hear them coming from someone other than myself.

I enjoy making people laugh and I always know I’m doing well when I hear laughter like what is coming from Lilly.  Lilly’s laughter is infectious and adds to the enjoyment of the show.  Mike relates stories from his life.  Some are sad, some are pathetic, but all are very funny.  Mike, like most comics I hear on podcasts these days uses a near constant stream of obscenities.  I’m no vulgarity virgin, however I do pride myself in skipping the “filler” words when I choose to communicate with people.  I only mention this not because I am personally insulted by the colorful expletives, but I have not been recommending the podcast to anyone because I was concerned that I would either have to use a disclaimer, and/or worry that my kids, or worse others children would be subjected to some very adult content.

I realize that my sensibilities may not be yours, and really it’s just wrong of me to keep this little know comedic treasure away from you.  Mike, the 40 year old boy, talks fast and for a very long time.  This is the perfect podcast for you if you enjoy laughing, enjoy listening to someone’s life that makes you feel better about yours.

The 40 Year Old Boy isn’t politically correct, polite and Mike is somewhat bipolar from the stand point of displaying classic low self esteem with a mix of megalomania.  In Mike’s most recent podcast he points out that Malaysians are out to get him, and apparently all around him.

Trust me just give it a listen and I think you’ll be as surprised as I was to find such a funny and talented story teller.  You can find out more information about The 40 Year Old Boy and Mike Schmidt by clicking on this link.  The 40 Year Old Boy is also available on iTunes!

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