Seven Days of MAC

28 Mar

No this isn’t a out of work, or college days story where peanut butter, cup of noodles, or mega doses of cheap MAC and cheese.  It about the beloved, by many, Apple computer.

I have been working with computers for a very long time.  The first time I laid hands on an Apple MACintosh was about 1982.  Now some 34 years later I am doing my day to day systems administrator duties on a MAC.

I wasn’t happy about this.  I don’t use Apple products.  Oh I’m glad they are there!  Apple is innovative and helps drive the more conservative companys forward.  Mouse (well they go that from XEROX), 3.5″ floppy drives.  USB, the list goes on.

We all have a tendency to like what we know best, or first.  In this case that was MS DOS, MS Windows, LINUX, UNIX, VMS, etc…  What’s one more operating system to learn, right?

Well after using a MAC for seven days I can say, it’s just like MS Windows.  There are just two things that I don’t like about it.  The close, minimize and window/full screen buttons are on the wrong side, and you can’t move them.  And instead of having the menu bar on the window (Where God intended it to be) it’s at the top of the screen.  Where there are three things, the price is way to high for a Windows PC!  I didn’t have to buy this, or any of them for the company so that really isn’t my problem, but a bit of a concern since I like to save the company money not waste it.

Would I consider buying an Apple MAC computer?  No.

Would I recommend an Apple MAC to anyone else?  No.

Is there any Apple product that I would recommend?  No.

Apple makes a fine product.  It’s is very consistent, and professional looking.  I hear their customer service is top notch, which is another plus.  Is the MAC any easier to use than MS Windows?  No.

From what I’ve heard so far every piece is significantly more than the non Apple counterparts.  It’s not easier to use, it works just like Windows and you can buy the hardware from companies competing for your business which drives down the price.  The only reason I can think that ANYONE buys an Apple product is due to a cult like following that Apple has managed to create.

Deep down this is probably why I have been so anti-Apple for many many years.

Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know your thoughts.  After all I could be wrong!  I’ve only been using a MAC for seven days, and it only took about three to get comfortable using it.

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