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Have You Laughed Today?

10 Oct

I’m not a television commercial fan.  They keep me from watching what I want to watch, specifically the show I tuned in for.  On occasion a commercial comes across that I watch, and look forward to seeing again.  This is one of them.


The young lady in the commercial is a little quirky and has an understated humor that I find quite funny.  As far as I can remember I’ve never seen her in anything before.  Once I have my internal facial recognizing software running, I am sure to spot that person time and time again though.  So when this next commercial came out I recognized this young lady from her prior commercial.  She does look a little different though.  Makes me wonder just how many years has gone by between these two commercials.


(In reference to the commercial above) I don’t care how manly you are, no man likes to be handed something with a flirty gaze and tone with words of  “good things come in small packages”.

I get the sense that the lady in the commercials is a comedian, but I can’t be sure.  I wish there was an IMDB for commercials, like there is for movies and TV.

Have you laughed today?  If not watch for this girl in the “Babybel” commercials.

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