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The Collapse of TV, Cable, Telephone and Satellite Services.

11 Nov

There is a collapse coming.  Not house sales, democrat ownership of Washington, financial, etc… but one of how you get your entertainment and communications.  I am sure that for many of you that are tech savvy or know someone who is this isn’t going to be news to you.  Others of you may be surprised because you simply haven’t thought about it or care.

If you pay a cable TV, telephone, or cell phone bill you may have thought “Why do I have to buy two things that do the same thing?”  Prior to the Internet the only way to broadcast a message out to the public you had to do it on radio or TV.  Vast sums of money were required depending on the market share the radio or TV station had.  Usually based on ratings by a company that I used to work for, Arbitron.  More on Arbitron later.

You could get a Amateur radio license and broadcast to people all over the world, but the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) made it very clear that you could not BROADCAST (two way conversations only) and you could not ADVERTISE a product or service.  This was very nice for radio and TV wasn’t it?  Also your audience was probably limited to 10 people world wide at the most!  So not real threat to radio and TV.

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