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Internet Celebrity Manouschka Guerrier

05 Oct
Manouschka Guerrier
Manouschka Guerrier

Perhaps I am slow to this realization party but I am surprised how the Internet is being used to start careers.  It made sense to me how it could be used to promote careers in the media.  I remember back in 1995 when I was setting up Internet access, e-mail, website, etc… for the company that I worked.  I was dumbfounded that for so little money our company had access to a world wide audience.

Radio stations had to invest thousands of dollars in equipment, tower(s), antennas, FCC licenses and RF interaction impact studies.  It was a great and expensive effort.  Television stations even more so.  Video really requires much more radio frequency (RF) energy to provide a clear signal on the maximum number of televisions.  For that massive investment they were only able to reach a small portion of the population.  Networks were able to reach a much larger number of people but they had to share this with the local stations.  Not so with the Internet!  For $20 a month and a $300 computer you can promote yourself world wide!

As we move further and further down this Internet trail the distinction between huge expensive multi-million dollar radio and TV stations is being blurred by talented individuals with access to high quality low cost electronics, and extremely fast Internet connections.  (The U.S. Internet connection speeds still pale by Japan’s standards).

Single ServingNow as we all know people and companies can be successful even if they don’t have talent or a decent product.  They just have to promote, promote, promote!  American 0nline comes to mind.  All those commercials, and all those free CD’s!  If you put a person with talent and the will to succeed melded with the Internet you really have something!

Case and point Manouschka Guerrier.  I ran across Ms. Guerrier through another Internet sensation Olivia Wilder, on the Olivia Wilder’s show.  Olivia has a talk show on blogtalk radio.  The best way to find out about Olivia’s shows is to “LIKE” her fan page on Facebook.  Just click this link!  Manouschka was on Olivia Wilder’s show promoting her website Single Serving and her Food Network TV show “Private Chefs Of Beverly Hills“.  Manouschka is one of six chefs on the show.

They are hired by high society types to prepare swanky meals.  I was able to catch the last show of the first season.  It was very good, and I’m a guy that enjoys things blowing up!  (No chemical explosions in the show!)  About the only thing that blew up was Manouschka when the client decided to change the menu on her the other chef an hour before the food was to be served!  There were three segments, each with two chefs.  I enjoyed each of the segments, but of course I had a special interest in the segment that Manouschka was in due to my recent interaction with her on Olivia Wilder’s show.  I was very disappointed to find out that was the last show of the first season.  Since that time our digital video recorder has been patiently waiting for the next season of “Private Chefs of Beverly Hills” to begin.  Which it will begin, FINALLY!, this coming Tuesday, October 12th, on the Food Network Channel.  9 PM Central Time.

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