The Meaning of Life

19 Aug

Philosophers have thought about it.  Authors have written about it, one even came up with a simple answer, forty-two.  Movie makers have made sport of it, but what is the meaning of life?  Life seems to be just because it is supposed to be.  Life is tenacious.  It is everywhere!  Given any chance life seems to take hold and flourish!  We see it all around us.  We find it in the driest desert.  We find it at the bottom of the ocean where no light penetrates.  I firmly believe we’ll find it through out the solar system.  But why?  Why is life here?  Why are we here?  What IS the meaning of life?

To further complicate the question, besides being unknown, is what is death?  What does it mean to be dead?  We can’t ask a dead person, well actually I guess we can.  Thanks largely to medical science we now have the ability to bring people back from literal death, with in limits of course.  Many many people have died, either through accident, or design then brought back.  Can you actually experience death and come back?  Hard to say, perhaps not, and perhaps this is the reason for some of the fantastical after life reports.  People that have died and come back do report things that seemingly they have no way of knowing.  Reports of floating near the ceiling looking down on themselves.  Seeing loved one, experiencing love like they’ve never known.  Talking with God!  In some of these conversations choices are given.  Stay or go back.  Sometimes they are just flatly told that it isn’t time and they must go back.

I remember one report of a lady that said the place she went to was just like here, except much more vivid.  The colors were brighter and deeper, it was beautiful.  The more we understand about this place we live, the universe, the smaller and smaller we become.  We began from a flat expanse of land that was circled by the sun to a round planet (amongst several) that moved around the Sun.  Then we found out that we were in a galaxy, not in the center, no where near the center.  Fairly recently we have discovered other planets orbiting other stars.  As stars go, our Sun is a minor star of with there are billions in our galaxy.  Then we find out there is millions, or billions, of galaxys each with several billion stars, and based on solar system dynamics they to must have planets orbiting many of those stars.

The galaxy is incomprehensibly large.  The universe even more so.  My God, what is the point of all this?  What IS the meaning of life?

Quite simply it’s a video game.  A simulation.  The Matrix, if you will?  Why would anyone build such a thing?  Well entertainment, the ultimate reality show.  Education!  What a wonderful teaching machine.  We see this with our own computer simulations.  Scientists collecting information then putting that detailed information into a simulation allow anyone to fly to the rings of Saturn.  To go where they/we are unable to go and experience.

Now there is a lot of discussing of multiple universes, actually an infinite number of universes.  The stuff that makes us, and everything around us, up seems to pop in and pop out of existence.  Traveling to the parallel universes.  So what infinite universe do we exist in?  All of them!  I like to think of other universes being back up copies.  This ensures the simulation will not crash.  Some of you may wonder if we are in a simulation where is the lag? (lag = pauses or delays due to too much data having to be processes at the moment, or delay due to network transmission of data to and from the client)  You experience “lag” in a computer simulation because the time stream in the simulation doesn’t match the time stream in your reality, life.  If you were actually in the simulation your time stream would match the simulations, and as things slowed down or stopped so would your perception.  You would not be aware of any lag.  Multiple universes may also be a way to quickly switch from one decision tree branch to another in the simulation.  Predictive outcome so that when we make a decision we leap to that reality of our decision.

Your soul, the thing that makes you, YOU, isn’t here, it’s attached to this reality.  Your memory has been removed, or suppressed so you will not be aware that you are in a simulation.  Otherwise you wouldn’t buy into all this.  You wouldn’t fear death, you wouldn’t care about people’s feelings, you wouldn’t be very much fun to  play with.  Why is there SO much to the universe?  Believability.  The boundaries of the game has to be so huge that there is little chance of you figuring out that you are in a simulation.  Ghosts, sprits, etc.. are problems with the interface between us and the simulation.  We “perceive” other dimensions even though we are not supposed to.  Perhaps as parts of the matter that makes us up pops in and out of other universes, we “see” things, feel things, perceive things that are, but are not there.

Religion is our attempt to explain all of this, and perhaps it was even something that we were told before the start of the simulation.  Or it may be the game/simulation rules but given to us in a way that won’t  let on that this  is a game.  Angles, or messengers, may be similar to those pop up boxes you get in Windows.  I think you will find truth in what ever religion you believe,.  The story gets changed and modified as time and retelling occurs so has our understanding.  For example Apocalypse.  The END of the World!  Apocalypse actually means “lifting of veil”.  Could this be lifting the veil that this is a simulation?  Certainly that could easily mean the end of the world, because the simulation would be ending or over.  Much like when you end a game on your computer.  Are you terrified that the game is over?  Probably not, although you may be disappointed because it was so much fun.  Usually you share your feelings about the game with friends, or online through reviews.  Wait, maybe that’s another misunderstanding we have.  Perhaps after the APOCALYPSE there comes a JUDGMENT DAY.  Judgment day could be two fold.  It may be you get to see your SCORE, you know,  how well you did in the simulation.   It may be your review of the game/simulation.  Wouldn’t that be funny if the feared judgment day wasn’t about you at all?

Here’s something that is even more radical.  If you are in a simulation, and you experience the time stream inside the simulation, then you could actually be every life form in the universe, in each parallel universe.  Your life may be billions and billions of lives.  It would be like playing chess with yourself, but you wouldn’t know that was you!  With an infinite number of universes, your life span would be infinite.  Ever lasting life!  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Why?  Because IT IS YOU!  You treat someone wrong, and you will experience it later.  You are the black man, black woman, illegal alien, asshole that just cut you off, your Mother, your Dad, the president.  Yes even the one’s you despised.  You are the killer that raped and murdered that girl, then sat in prison for 17 years and put to death.  Yes you are the girl that you raped and murdered.  Rich, poor, mentally challenged, genius, average.  Talented, loved, hated.  Smoker, non-smoker.  Take a moment and really think about it.  It makes multiple personality “Sibel” (Sally Fields) look like an single celled organism by comparison!

You are omnipresent, all knowing, all seeing!

So as the end of the game nears, apocalypse, and all is unveiled to us.  How will you rate your (judgment day) performance, experience in this game?  I think it’s an amazing game, but I’m damned curious to find out what outside looks like, you know in the REAL outside?

There is a saying that says something to the effect that “We are the universe trying to figure itself out, and when we do the universe resets and starts over.”

{waiting….} {waiting….} {waiting….}

Hmmm well if that statement is correct, then my theories must be wrong, no reset…

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