Time for an update!

30 Mar

Wow really, October 2013 was the last post here?!?!?  Amazing how time speeds up with your having fun, or sleeping! 😀

Anywho…  So my little experiment is doing well.  No not something I’m cooking up in the mini fridge that my wife has been banned from cleaning, a little website I started over five years ago.  The site.  It’s a website about Jeep Cherokees.  A forum, so I don’t have to come up with content, other people do!  Well that’s a bit of a misnomer since when a site is starting out content has to come from somewhere and I think most of the time it’s from the person/people that start it.

It has a life of it’s own now.  I still love posting and interacting with people, but it good to see that it doesn’t need my constant involvement now.  I think one of the reasons I haven’t posted here much is I have so many avenues to get what’s in my pointy little head out.  Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and a podcast!  I say “A” podcast because the “Tony and Josh Show” has been on hold since the end of 2013.  It was a good decision as it gives more time to focus on the other, older, podcast, the XJ TALK SHOW!

My co-host and I, Josh, have been building an audience for over a year now.  Josh joined as official co-host in November of 2012 and as a registered, card carrying smart-ass, having someone to play off of is a much better fit for me.  The chemistry seems to be a good one to.  It’s amazing to me that out of the three off the wall things I’ve tried at least two are doing better than I hoped.

Here’s a promo that Josh and I did.  We do one at the end of each podcast recording, which you can also see live on Thursday nights at 10pm CT.  at

Last night my wife, and youngest daughter took my oldest son to a birthday dinner.  I recently found out that Danny was interested in doing stand up comedy.  When I found out I did what characters did to Jerry in the “Seinfeld” show.  I started recommending jokes.  He all but rolled his eyes at me.  Being the type of person that really enjoys winding people up I remember to give him some joke suggestions at dinner.  Well I laughed.  If you follow me on Twitter then you’ve already “heard” these “jokes”. 😀

I don’t see my boys very often, I remember how it was with me at that age.  You may love your parents but you don’t want to be around them all the time.  Now if I want to go to the range or take the Jeep off road they’re more than happy to hang around with Dad. ;o)

Speaking of social media, I’ve recently been interacting with the FOX 26 morning crew.  It’s been interesting and fun.  So if you see my tweets with #fox26forlife hashtag that’s what that’s all about.  I’ve even had a couple of my tweets displayed on the show!

If you don’t know the reference, “I don’t dink” it’s from the Steve Martin move “Man with Two Brains”

What’s funny was I had no idea this was going to be shown, I was walking downstairs and past the living room when I noticed it on the TV my wife was watching.  Who knows which of my shenanigans they have shown!


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