Young Girl Killed Because of FACEBOOK!!

03 Sep

I read a post this morning on Facebook.  A very caring and concerned parent wanted other parents to be wary of allowing their children on Facebook.  The evidence for this concern was this video. (below)  **WARNING Contains graphic images of violence and death.  Also a girl in a bikini.

I’ve learned, sadly, that most of what you see from individuals on the Internet is fake.  It may be true that someone was killed, but the reasons why may have been modified to provide a shock, or to fit an agenda.  I’m usually the “spoil sport” in reminding people that the information they have may be inaccurate or just an out right lie.  Unfortunately years of being taught that what you read in print (“Enquirer, Globe, etc… excluded) or see on TV is 100% true and accurate!  The Internet has no such lofty goals as to report information correctly.  It is fun to fool people!  The problem is when people believe it and pass it on as truth.

I mean if your Mom forwarded a message about not flashing your lights at someone with high beams on because you might be killed as part of a gang initiation, you’d trust her!  This is what I’m talking about.  People you trust tell you something you listen, right?  Well most of us do, I tend to question everything.  Drives my wife nuts! 😀

Now if you can believe this, this is what really happened to this girl…

Only a fool would assume women don’t play a role in the splintering tensions of Mexico’s cartel woes but this year’s proving to be a particularly nasty one for femicide in northern Mexico. They’ve been strangled, dissolved in acid, one was thrown in front of a train, others, like this unidentified woman, were shot in the head, their bodies laid out on the street. A message to somebody, no different than the fate of their male counterparts.

In Chihuahua, a state whose largest city, Juárez, has become almost synonymous with femicide, 31 women have been murdered this year; or about a woman a week. The dead include Tanya Lozoya, a 15-year-old from the U.S., killed at a party with two men, and Alicia Enriquez, a woman who was shot several times in the head. Last year, 89 women; the year prior, 25.

You can read the full story here…

So this very young girl, was out with her drug selling boyfriend and was executed.  Was Facebook involved?  Not what we read here.  It is always possible that the girl met up with this thug via Facebook, but I believe the larger issue here is the parent(s) that allowed this 15 year old girl to go to a party.  Also what the parent(s) taught the girl in how to make decisions.  I’m not trying to beat up on the parent(s) what I am trying to do is point out the incredible responsibility parents have.  Part of that responsibility is the not have a “KNEE JERK” reaction to everything you are told, or read  on the Internet.  Caring and concerned parents may start a discussion tonight with their kids saying “YOU’RE OFF FACEBOOK!”  Fear and action without thought can have the opposite results to what you were trying to accomplish.  Your child may decide to rebel because of your perceived un-fairness and act out.

This type of misinformation has been happening forever.  It happens in mainstream media!  Politicians are elected, or defeated because of it.  Companies can make billions, or lose billions because of it.  Don’t blindly believe what you are told.  Ask questions, and don’t accept the first answer!

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  1. Susie Muckleroy

    September 3, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    Although I may seem to “roll my eyes” at your comments, it is not always. This blog is very well said and so true! Good job!

  2. sheri_mcdonald

    September 6, 2010 at 1:23 pm

    Well said!