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Watch your language!

22 Feb
Men vs Women

Men vs Women

I’m not sure if it is a generational thing, an age thing, a parent thing, or what but I am becoming increasingly aware and some what concerned about the free use of expletives, foul language, curse words, cussing openly, in public and also by women.  When I say women I’m not talking about alcoholic trailer “trash” woman, lady truckers, or Harley riding Mamas!  These are well educated non tattooed (as far as I can tell) intelligent and even otherwise well spoken women.

Now how many warning flags did I just raise with you? 😀  No I do not care for tattoos.  It’s a sign to the world that you don’t play by the rules.  You may be a wonderful person and generous to a fault, however that tattoo tells me that I should be concerned who you are.  Bullsh*t you say?  Really?  How would you feel about a person that you didn’t know that had tattoos on their face?  If you tell me it wouldn’t bother you, you are either a liar, or you have a face tattoo. 😉

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