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Do you have friends?

28 Jul


Do you have friends?  Many of you would recoil in puzzlement and concern then ,reply “Of course I do!”  Some of you may think about the question and respond with something more esoterica like “Do any of us really have friends?”  I say we do have friends.  We make friends all the time.  They may be transient friends, that last only long enough to have a brief conversation about the weather then you hand money to them, and they say “Thank you come again.”

They could be co-workers, service providers, your child’s teacher.  What I am puzzled about are long time friends.  You know the one’s you had when you were a kid, or young adult.  Of course you may be a kid, or young adult so this may be news to you.  I guess a couple of years ago now I joined Facebook.  One of the things I thought was so neat about it was the ability to reconnect with people that you used to know, friends if you will.

Since Facebook was originally geared to schools finding past high school and college friends was easy.  I went about finding and befriending several of my class mates from Deer Park High School (Deer Park, Texas).  I knew that while I was in high school I wouldn’t say I was close friends with anyone.  There were a couple of reasons for this.  I lived in a small community called Lynchburg.  Lynchburg was bordered by Highlands (Texas), and Baytown.  Lynchburg has a ferry that has been in operation for many many years.  The ferry will take you to Deer Park.  For some strange reason Lynchburg children are in the Deer Park Independent school district some ten miles away (and that is if you go across the ferry!)  Baytown (measuring distance to it’s Western most boundry) is about 50 feet from Lynchburg.  I think the closest Baytown school was about ten miles away.

There were nine people in my elementry class, as Lynchburg did have an elementry, but for junior high and high school, we were bussed to Deer Park.  I mentioned the distance if you went across the ferry, well the bus weren’t allowed, by the district, to cross via ferry.  We had a forty-five minute trek, each way, through the Baytown La Porte tunnel.  That’s forty-five minutes one way.  I went from one teacher a day to six (plus) and from nine students in a class to thirty-two!  Virtually any friends I had were lost in the mix of classes and sea of students.

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