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27 Jul


No Smoking?

No Smoking?

While at work I stepped on to the elevator.  I have ridden it many times.  I’m usually alone on the elevator, so I have a few seconds of uninterrupted thought.  Time to look around and notice things.  Something I noticed was different than it had been in years past, was the no smoking sign.  This was your standard international symbol for no smoking, but what I noticed was it was actually stamped into the metal of elevator panel.  It wasn’t something placed as an after thought, it was designed into the construction of the elevator.  So the manufacture of the elevator parts were so certain that no smoking in the elevator was going to be widely accepted it was a permanent part of the construction process.   

This on the face of it makes sense, I mean where these days is it legal, or unacceptable for people to smoke on an elevator.  Then I considered other things that have changed as rules and socially accepted behaviors have changed.  If you watch a movie from the 1940’s everyone is smoking, I mean everyone!  Many of the men are wearing hats, although I don’t think that is a link with the smoking.  All the woman are wearing dresses, and even some of them have hats.  I notice the cars, and trucks of the time period.  The technology, if you will.     

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