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The Meaning of Life

19 Aug

Philosophers have thought about it.  Authors have written about it, one even came up with a simple answer, forty-two.  Movie makers have made sport of it, but what is the meaning of life?  Life seems to be just because it is supposed to be.  Life is tenacious.  It is everywhere!  Given any chance life seems to take hold and flourish!  We see it all around us.  We find it in the driest desert.  We find it at the bottom of the ocean where no light penetrates.  I firmly believe we’ll find it through out the solar system.  But why?  Why is life here?  Why are we here?  What IS the meaning of life?

To further complicate the question, besides being unknown, is what is death?  What does it mean to be dead?  We can’t ask a dead person, well actually I guess we can.  Thanks largely to medical science we now have the ability to bring people back from literal death, with in limits of course.  Many many people have died, either through accident, or design then brought back.  Can you actually experience death and come back?  Hard to say, perhaps not, and perhaps this is the reason for some of the fantastical after life reports.  People that have died and come back do report things that seemingly they have no way of knowing.  Reports of floating near the ceiling looking down on themselves.  Seeing loved one, experiencing love like they’ve never known.  Talking with God!  In some of these conversations choices are given.  Stay or go back.  Sometimes they are just flatly told that it isn’t time and they must go back.

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