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A Comet Landed On My Road

26 Jan

From a very young age my mother would tell me about all kinds of wondrous things.  Astronomy was one of them.  She really enjoyed reading and would often tell me about celestial events that were going to occur.  When I was only five or six years old she was excited that a comet would be visible in the early morning hours.  She, naturally, told me about it.  I had only ever seen a comet in drawings, or zipping through a cartoon sky on Saturday morning television.  I was very excited about seeing a real comet!

I’m sure one of the reasons I woke up on this particular evening/morning was due to this excitement in part, but apparently I had a habit of getting up after bedtime.  My Mother had told me on an earlier occasion, probably at 3am, “If you wake up in the middle of the night, don’t wake me up.  Just go back and get in bed.”  This night, when I woke up to a completely dark and silent house what my mom had told me was the furthest thing from my mind! 😀 Read the rest of this entry »

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