The Tony and Josh Show

23 May

Hey guys, it’s been a little while since I’ve made a post on the site, but not to despair because I haven’t been sitting on my hands.  I did that once, and both my hands and butt went numb.   Anywho… Some of you know that I have a Jeep Cherokee podcast.  Josh is my co-host on that show and with recent events in the news, primarily I read that some big time auto makers will be including the ability to play podcast in their new automobiles (you know making it easy for the simple folk) I contacted Josh and asked him if he wanted to start another podcast.  One more about general things.  A general talk show.

He said sure!  We have a lot of fun getting on Skype and pretending to be big time RADIO personalities, so even if no one listens, we’re having fun.  We’ve even set up a website, We record the podcast on Thursdays at 10pm Central Time and since it’s just as easy to do that and broadcast on UStream at the same time, well we do that too!  So if you really don’t need to sleep before work on Friday why not join us at at 10pm CT.  You can make comments in chat and we even take live calls.

So far we’ve done three episodes.  Each is about an hour long.  We’re on iTunes, Stitcher and soon Zune.

Check it out won’t you?

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